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A Little Refresh

As you may have noticed, Concrete Blonde has made a few changes in how we’re presenting ourselves to the world. It was time. Nothing is more invigorating than a new look (we know, it’s the business we’re in). And while we’re beyond pumped for our new website, blog and imagery we want to let you know that inside we’re still the same…

We’ll greet you with your beverage of choice and a good laugh. We’ll make sure you leave feeling like a million bucks (and that you get what you need while you’re here). We’re quietly working away at our sustainability goals and uniting with awesome companies like Davines and Green Circle Salons to make sure we stay on track. Our stellar team is growing, and we are couldn’t be happier with our talented and diverse crew.

What’s New?

So what has changed? Well, we’ve decided not to be so quiet about all the awesome things we’ve been working on. We’re ready for the community to know exactly what we’ve always been about, and for our outsides to reflect our insides. Essentially, we’ve given ourselves a facial and new ‘do.

Excellence in customer service now extends beyond your booking. Whether you want to schedule your hair and spa appointments online, review our list of services or read about this season’s hair trends, we’re thankful that our web presence is finally catching up to our way of working.

You Complete Us

Without you, we wouldn’t be us. Follow this blog to stay in the know and watch us grown alongside Squamish. More goodness to come!

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