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Summer is coming, and it’s time to change up your skincare routine. Yes that’s right, it’s not just the wardrobe that needs a seasonal shift, your skin deserves one too.

You’ve likely noticed a difference in the way your skin feels from winter to summer, but have you thought about how your products and routine impact your look?

Environmental shifts in the UV index and humidity combined with changes in lifestyle from exercise to diet (ahem, increased alcohol consumption) call for revisiting how you’re treating your face.

Concrete Blonde’s owner Laura Motyka practices what she’s preaching: “In summer, I tend to go a little lighter on my moisturizer, and exfoliate more often. I also change my products to account for sunscreen or make sure I have UV protection.”

Night Night Skin

In summer, your nighttime routine becomes even more critical. Getting rid of sunscreen & sweat at night will help keep your skin feeling and looking fresh. Make-up removal (important in any season) should mean a double cleanse before bed; the first round will remove any products and for the second cleanse, use a different cleanser to target any specific issues.

Our Fave Summer Skin Products:

The Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Line is great for those of us who aren’t spring chickens, but who still have a lot of life left. It’s uber hydrating, makes a visible impact on the skin’s glow and (maybe most importantly) and smells absolutely amazing. We’re hooked.

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