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Five things you might not know about Concrete Blonde

You already know that a visit to Concrete Blonde will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. But did you know there’s so much more to us than our stunning salon skills?

  1. Almost half our clientele are men and some of their favourite services are haircuts, beard trims and pedicures. Our new fully-fledged barber specialises in men’s styling only and does an incredible hot-towel shave using an old-fashioned straight razor.
  2. We’re also locally owned and our entire team is local too. The lovely Laura is the inspiration behind Concrete Blonde–she runs the show but you’ll often find her right here on the floor too. Together we make a great team that’s been helping Squamish stay stylish for eight years.
  3. A lot of people don’t know how far we go with our environmental efforts. We use sustainable beauty brand (and fantastically smelling) Davines, throughout the salon, and their sister brand, Comfort Zone in the spa. Ever wondered what happens with all our hair? We sweep it into a pile where it’s collected up to use in making booms for oil spills. Hair is naturally oil absorbent and you can re-use them, whereas cotton booms get disposed of after use. Fascinating fact: the oil spill in English Bay used booms made entirely of recycled hair.
  4. You can now book online! We know how many of you like to book your appointments online between juggling life and adventures, so we’ve made it even more convenient to snag the salon slot you want.
  5. We love doing charity work. We’ve had a tonne of fun in the past doing Balding for Dollars and if ever you need a goodie basket for your fund-raising event, just give us a shout.
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