Sustainable salon

Clean and green

We love helping you look and feel good.

Creating fabulous hair for you is, of course, a great start, but we also know how important it is to feel good about the choices you make.

With all those empty shampoo bottles, foil wraps and spray cans, hair salons aren’t always known for their positive environmental impact, but at Concrete Blonde we’re stepping away from the crowd and championing how green our industry can be.

That’s why we joined Green Circle—an organization dedicated to doing everything they can to divert salon and spa waste away from landfill and waterways.

Sustainable salon
Sustainable salon

We’re the only salon in Squamish to be a member and we’re proud to be leading the way.

  • Instead of throwing our hair away, it’s collected and used in making booms for oils spills. Because hair is naturally oil absorbent it’s a great alternative to traditional cotton booms. Best of all, it can be re-used again and again. We LOVE less waste!
  • All our foils are washed and recycled
  • All our dye is collected in vats, taken away and stored in the hopes that it might one day be used for another purpose
  • All our lightbulbs are LED
  • Our team members all bring re-usable beverage containers to work

Eight years ago, we also partnered with Davines at the front and back of house, along with their sister company, Comfort Zone, in our spa. This award-wining, family-owned and run company, from Italy, focusses on creating amazing products while maintaining a carbon neutral footprint (including zero-impact packaging).

So not only will you leave our salon looking great on the outside, you’ll feel great on the inside too.


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