Sustainable beauty

We believe in feeling beautiful without sacrificing beliefs.

In other words, we want to see you rocking your locks with vibrant, long-lasting colour, immense shine, and supreme softness without surrendering your environmental beliefs.

That’s why we partnered with award-winning and family-owned and operated company Davines throughout the salon, and their sister company Comfort Zone in our spa.

Not only does Davines create the finest quality styling products and pigments we’ve ever used, but they do so with scientific rigour, high-grade natural ingredients, and attention and respect for the environment.

All of which is done so with zero carbon emissions.

Comfort Zone

If this wasn’t enough to love already, they’re not only bang on trend with the needs of styles today but their range is so wonderfully distinctive and diverse you’re bound to find a product that’s perfect for your hair type.

Too busy to step in the shower? Davines has a sulphate- and paraben-free dry shampoo that’s perfect for throwing in your gym back for a quick post-workout refresh.

Heading camping this weekend and want to leave without a trace? Their biodegradable shampoo, conditioner and body wash is ideal for eco-conscious cleansing.

Looking to revitalise your hair and restore its natural brilliance? The Davines detoxifying range is a best-in-class winner.

To discover your perfect product in the Davines range, simply come in to the studio for a free, five-minute consultation with any one of our team.

We look forward to helping you feel beautiful.

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