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Hair types and textures

Hair types and textures

Whether it’s your first or 50th appointment with us, we want you to leave the salon rocking your locks and feeling fabulous.

That’s why we love it when clients book a free consultation with us before their appointment—it gives us time to get to know their hair type and texture, before altering it in any way.

“Why’s it so important?” you ask.

Knowing your hair type will give you and your stylist with a better understanding of how to cut, style, handle and maintain your hair. It’s also a great opportunity for us to figure out which Davines products will give you the best results.

Hair type and texture

It can get a bit technical when you get down to the detail but what’s important to know is that there are four texture categories, with varying degrees within each.

  1. Naturally straight: varies from completely flat with no body to generally straight with a few bends and a bit of body
  2. Naturally wavy: varies from beach waves to loose spiral curls
  3. Naturally curly: varies from loose Shirly Temple curls to tighter, almost coily curls
  4. Coily: varies from cylindrical curls to hair with a zigzag pattern

Once we’ve pinpointed your texture it’s important for us to understand your hair’s porosity, which means its ability to absorb moisture and retain water. Knowing this will help us choose the best products and treatments.

Finally, there’s hair density, which means how closely your strands of hair are packed together on your head.

Figuring out these at home can be tricky and not always reliable, which is why we love offering client consultations.

Best of all, no matter what your hair type or texture, we will be able to find the perfect product for you within our Davines range.

For your free consultation book online or contact us on 604.849.HAIR(4247).


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