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Staff profile: Catherine (aka Cat) Wilson

There’s no doubt that Concrete Blonde stylists know their stuff, but did you know we also have one of the very best aestheticians in the Sea to Sky Corridor?

Spa Manager and Skin Therapist, Catherine Wilson, offers meticulous spa services that will leave you glowing on the outside and in.

From manis and pedis, to sublime facials, and waxing that’s as close to comfortable as you can get, with over 16 years of experience she’s the best in the business. She’ll have your skin type sussed in seconds, your toes looking trimmed and tip-top, and your fingers looking fine and feeling fabulous.

Perfect pedicure

Cat loves being able to make a difference through her treatments—whether it’s helping elderly clients maintain their toes or helping exhausted moms make the most of their me-time. And her down-to-earth, personable, infectiously friendly manner makes her loved by all—both young and old.

Before she came to us she quite literally travelled the world offering spa treatments on cruise ships, before spending a few years in a swanky Whistler spa offering high-end treatments.

Since joining the Concrete Blonde team two years ago she loves feeling part of a small community and getting to know her clientele really well. And we love her too!

Top tips: (please!) stop using soap; establish your skin type before spending money on products that might not bring out your best; and book yourself in for a facial to prep your skin for seasonal changes.

To book your spa appointment with Cat call 604.849.HAIR(4247) or book online.

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