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Skin, science and soul

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our skin is the mirror of our mental well-being, physical state, and the daily choices we make.

Our daily choice, at Concrete Blonde, is to do all we can to make sure our spa treatments leave you feeling downright fresh and fabulous.

Which is why we’ve chosen to use award-winning ComfortZone products—the sister company of Davines Group, a family-owned company still in the caring hands of the Bollati Family in Italy.



From ComfortZone cleansers and toners, to masks, serums and scrubs, we love that, at the very minimum, 80% of ingredients are naturally derived and organic. Plus, there’s a great deal of advanced science behind the scenes to make sure you receive the most holistic, soulful skin-solutions.

We also love that ComfortZone is part of a B-Corporation®, which means they are recognized for their high standards of environmental and social performance.

We’re the only spa in the Sea to Sky Corridor to carry ComfortZone and we do so because we believe with all our hearts that both you and your skin deserve the very (very) best.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s also our highest mission that you leave our spa feeling fabulous. So not only will you experience the very highest quality products during your treatment but, because ComfortZone has such a wonderfully diverse range of products, we’re able to tailor your facial to your unique skin type and tone to nourish it in just the way it needs.

And did we mention the heavenly pressure-point massage with all facials? If only we could bottle such bliss.

Book your treatment online or phone to book a free 15-minute skin consultation and take home a few samples.

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