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Savanah Pereira

Staff profile: Savanah Pereira

To find your passion, experts often suggest thinking back to what you loved doing as a child.

For Savanah Pereira, our dedicated barber and microblading technician, the signs were all there.

“When I was younger, I was notoriously known for cutting the hair of all of my cousins (all of whom were male) and my brother. I’d invite them into my salon (which was actually my closet) and cut off their hair with my craft scissors!”

Many years later, after several years in the fashion industry and on the cusp of a career change, a friend mentioned she might love barbering.

And we’re so happy that she followed her advice!

Savanah joined our team in August 2016 and we just love her. As do all her many clients.

It could be because they get a beer in the chair, or perhaps it’s the pampering touches which we’re sure they all secretly love, including a hair wash, head massage and relaxing hot towel.

“Traditional barber shops often turn clients around as fast as possible…my end game is to take pride in my work, not push people in and out like cattle.”

Concrete Blonde barbering services
Concrete Blonde barbering services

Not only is Savanah specialized in cutting men’s hair, she’s also a microblading expert—a meticulous tattooing process which helps create semi-permanent eyebrows.

Did we mention she also trims, shapes, and tames unruly facial hair? And will gladly chop-off any unwanted pony-tails!

Top tip #1: don’t be afraid of change! Most men stay with their barber for seven years plus and typically the only reason they change is because they move. Perhaps it’s time to try something different.

Top tip #2: hair grows! Guys need a hair cut every 4-6 weeks, else the pouf sets in and things become unmanageable.

Top tip #3: whether it’s two crowns or a cowlick, don’t fight what you’ve got—embrace it! If you’re not sure what to do with what you’ve got, this is a great season to grow out your hair and hide it under a toque, then book in with Savanah for some precision cutting and style.

You can book an appointment online or phone 604.849.HAIR(4247).

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